About Melvitas

MelVitas is a Gothenburg based medtech start-up with the vision to increase awareness in society about the importance of good oral health and how it affects overall health.

MelVitas aim to achieve the vision by increasing communication between medical and dental professionals and developing diagnostic tools that enables earlier caries detection.  

One of the most common infections today is caries, affecting a majority of all people at some point. If caries is identified early, it is possible to eliminate further complications and the problem can be solved with easy treatments. The major challenge is that many individuals do not get precise diagnoses in time. Additionally, research has shown that bad oral health can lead to increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, one of the most growing problems in today’s society.

MelVitas work for greater awareness concerning the importance of good oral health and better communication between dental professionals and other medical disciplines.

MelVitas is driven by three business developers at Chalmers’ Encubator together with the idea partner Chalmers Industri Teknik. The project started in 2013 and originates from researches at Chalmers. MelVitas has an exclusive license on the patents and is now optimizing the technology in order to participate in clinical trials (in vitro and in vivo) during 2015.

Our vision is to deliver a new generation diagnostic tool that simplifies the dentist’s daily work and optimises patient safety and comfort during examinations. Currently MelVitas focus on product development and finding future collaboration partners. We are interested in talking to:

Currently, we have a collaboration and a regular exchange of knowledge with the researchers Álfheiður Ástvaldsdóttir, DDS Cariology (Karolinska Institutet) and Agneta Lith, DDS Radiology (Sahlgrenska).